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4 different types of sorting machines

Nowadays, we eat fruits and vegetables from all over the world. One downside; all those delicious fruits and vegetables need to be sorted, and every type needs its own type of sorting machine. In this article we will cover all the different types of sorting machines and what type of fruit/vegetable they are able to sort.

Sorting on size

One option of sorting is sorting the fruits or vegetables on size. This is the case with mangoes. A perfect mango needs to be a specific size, not too big, not too small. If it's too big, it will not be able to fit in the vending machine and if it's too small, it will not be profitable for the company because no one would buy such a small product. This type of sorting can be done by human workers, with the help of machines or fully automatic. With some machines the worker places the fruit on a conveyor belt with several different size sizers. These are different types of metal plates with different sizes. When the plate passes over the fruit, it fits the right size.

Fully automatic machines function in the same manner, but they don't need the assistance of a human worker in order to be able to sort the fruits.

Sorting on color

Next, fruits and vegatables can be sorted by color. For instance, tomatoes are most tasty when they are ripe and therefore red. So green tomatoes are hard to sell. In order to sort out the green tomatoes, a special machine has been invented. This type of machine is able to scan the color of the fruit and if it's not ripe enough, the machine will eject it. These machines are very accurate and can detect the slightest difference in color.

Sorting by weight

Another way to sort fruits and vegetables; is weight. This type of sorting is used for instance with watermelons. A perfect watermelon has a specific weight. There are several different machines which can measure the weight of a watermelon and if it's too much or too little, it will be ejected from the machine.

Sorting by taste

Last but not least, there is also a way to sort fruits and vegetables according to taste. Most people don't know this, but most fruits and vegetables have different flavors depending on how ripe they are. So with certain types of fruits and vegetables, it's important to sort out the ones that have a certain taste. This type of sorting is done with machines which are able to scan the fruit or vegetable and determine if it has the right flavor.


In conclusion, there are several different ways to sort fruits and vegetables: size, color, weight and taste. With these four types of sorting machines we are able to get the highest quality for our customers and therefore every company should invest in sorting machines because they need to match the needs of their customers.

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