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Used Bedlifters

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1 - 6 of 6
21 machines per page.
  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About second-hand Bedlifters

Bedlifters are deployed for the harvesting of one growing bed in a pass. This way, for instance flower bulbs, carrots, chicory pens and sweet potatoes can be harvested. Bedlifters are mainly deployed on lighter soil types, such as sandy soil. This concerns the fact that the soil must be able to fall between the bars of the sieving web, as a result of which only the flower bulbs, carrots or other vegetables will be left. 

Functioning of bedlifters

The tyres of the tractor run on the outside of the bed, so the bed goes under the tractor between the wheels. A bed harvester has a digger (sometimes fitted with moving lifters) that cuts underneath the bed. Subsequently, the soil, together with the flower bulbs or carrots, will land on a sieving web. By means of beaters, the products are sifted from the soil and the sand. The suitable distance between the bars of the sieving web differs per type soil and of the crop that is being grubbed. 

Bed lifters with star cleaning 

In some cases the bedlifter is executed with star cleaning. This also ensures the transit of the product and the discharge of soil. 

Harvesting machines with elevator

Harvesters equipped with an elevator are also known as a harvesting machine with elevator. These harvesting machines with elevator are equipped with a discharge belt towards a kipper or trailer carrying cubic crates.

Box lift harvesters

Another type of bed harvester is the box lift harvester. With this type, the flower bulbs or carrots land directly into the cubic crate, at the end of the machine. This cubic crate is tilted, in line with the sieving web. 

Bedlifters by Nobels, MH Mechanisation & Asa Lift

We offer various used bedlifters and have a continuously changing stock. Bedlifters from these manufacturers can be found in our assortment:

  • Nobels
  • MH Mechanisation
  • Asa Lift

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How do I find the right second-hand bedlifter for me?

On this page, you can find an overview of all the available occasion bedlifters In the filter, on the left hand side, you can select what you are looking for exactly, for instance flower bulbs, carrots or other vegetables. On the page of a specific machine, you will be able to find all the necessary information about the product including photos. Are you interested in one of the machines? Then you can easily ask us for additional information, or request a non-binding quotation. Is there something you would like to be assured of? Contact us by telephone or visit us to see the used machine for yourself, at our company. A used machine will give you the best impression when you have seen it from up close. Obviously we will be happy to give you advice about which bed harvester will best suit your situation.

How do we, at Duijndam Machines, operate?

At Duijndam Machines we always try to keep an as ample as possible stock of premium quality machines. Usually, our stock consists of around 900 used machines. Our philosophy is that our clients will be able to apply the used machines for many more years. The selection of quality already starts with a critical procurement policy. After purchase, we inspect the machines on many aspects. Afterwards, the supplied machine will be thoroughly cleaned and repaired when necessary. Meanwhile, clear photos and a description will be added on our website, so potential clients will be able to properly orientate online. When you have found a suitable machine, it can be delivered to your door, worldwide if desired.

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