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Used Spading machines

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  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About second-hand Spading machines

A spading machine, also known as a rotary tiller or spading plow, is a soil cultivation machine used for various vegetable crops such as root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, leeks, etc.). It is recommended to create a loose root zone in the soil with ample air content for these crops. Breaking the so-called plow sole (hard layer formed by traditional plowing) often enhances the yield. This process prepares the soil to create an ideal environment for the upcoming crops, introducing more oxygen and additional humus through compost or manure, thereby stimulating soil life. This is achieved using a spading machine or plow.

Properly working the soil is essential for optimizing harvests. However, purchasing a spading machine can be expensive, possibly leading to postponing the investment unnecessarily. Fortunately, there is a solution: opting for a used spading machine. Second-hand spading machines still have plenty of useful life and are highly reliable, yet they cost only a fraction of the price of a new one.

At Duijndam Machines, we always have a varied selection of used spading machines available. Above, you can find an overview of the used spading machines from brands like Imants and Farmax that Duijndam Machines currently has for sale. Discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable staff, and they will gladly assist you in exploring the possibilities and provide advice.

How does a spading machine work?

A spading machine performs a mixing soil cultivation of the top layer of the ground. Spading is done to improve soil structure, incorporate crop residues and manure, and combat weeds. But how does a spading machine actually work?

The spading machine consists of a rotating spading shaft with fixed spading blades. This rotating shaft breaks open the top layer of the soil, and the rotating motion mixes it with the lower layer. This process enhances soil structure, introduces oxygen into the soil, and incorporates applied humus, compost, or manure into the soil.

Some spading machines also feature a driven rake roller with spiral teeth attached behind the rotating spading shaft. This ensures a more even seedbed. Such spading machines are commonly used in greenhouses and on lighter soil types. For heavier soil types, the rake roller can be replaced with a driven roller equipped with cutting blades.

The following video from Imants clearly explains the operation of spading machines:

Second Hand spading machines

As mentioned earlier, purchasing a new spading machine can be a significant investment. However, spading machines are generally very reliable, making them an excellent choice for buying second-hand. Opting for a used spading machine allows you to save a considerable amount of money compared to buying a new one, without compromising on reliability.

At Duijndam Machines, we always have various spading machines for sale. From fully equipped spading machines with rake rollers and seeding installations to smaller, simpler models suitable for mini tractors.

What is the difference between plowing and spading?

Both plowing and spading are forms of soil cultivation. Plowing has been done for centuries and is still popular on certain soil types. In plowing, the soil is mainly turned upside down, while spading involves breaking the soil open through rotating spading shafts. The advantage of spading is that it creates a more thoroughly mixed soil structure. Especially when green manure or organic materials are applied on top of the ground, they get mixed throughout the top layer. On the other hand, plowing only buries the top layer without mixing it since it lacks rotating blades.

Heavy loamy and clay soils should preferably be plowed or spaded before winter to achieve a good crumb structure in spring.

Is spading better than plowing?

It is not necessarily the case that spading is better than plowing. For certain soils, such as lighter soils like sand or peat, spading is preferred. Spading is also better suited for crops that require a deep and open soil structure, such as carrots and leeks.

However, there are also soils, often heavier soils like clay, where plowing may work better than spading. If you are cultivating on clay soil, plowing might be a more suitable choice than spading.

Advantages of spading:

  • The spading machine leaves a uniform seedbed, with fertilizers and organic material evenly distributed in the top layer of the soil (building structure).
  • Large masses of straw or green manure are completely incorporated in one go.
  • Seeds or bulbs germinate faster in the warmer top layer, leading to a very consistent emergence and quicker root development.
  • The seedbed remains open, allowing large amounts of water (heavy rain) to be absorbed into the soil faster.
  • Spading and sowing can be done in one operation, resulting in significant time and fuel savings per hectare. Depending on the width and soil type, the capacity can reach up to 1-1.5 ha/hour with a working width of 3 meters.
  • Experience shows that crops on spaded soil yield higher and better-quality harvests.

Imants spading machines for sale

Numerous manufacturers produce spading machines, such as Clippeleir, Farmax, and Celli, but Imants' spading machines are particularly popular. Imants owes much of its success to the development of the spading machine. Approximately 50 years ago, they built the first spading machine, and since then, it has become widely favored among farmers and gardeners.

Due to this popularity, Duijndam Machines often has second-hand Imants spading machines for sale. Are you looking for a used spading machine from Imants? Make sure to keep an eye on Duijndam's inventory.

How do I find the right used spading machine for me?

On this page, you can find an overview of all available used spading machines. In the filter on the left side, you can narrow down the selection based on various criteria such as crop type, brand, category, and price. On the page of a specific spading machine, you'll find all the necessary information, including photos. If you're interested in any of the machines, you can easily request more information or a non-binding quote from us. If you want to be absolutely sure, feel free to contact us by phone or visit our premises to inspect the used machine yourself. Seeing the machine in person will give you the best impression. We're also happy to provide advice on which used spading machine suits your situation best.

How do we operate at Duijndam Machines?

At Duijndam Machines, we always strive to have the broadest possible stock of high-quality machines. Our inventory typically consists of around 1200 used machines. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with machines that will serve them well for many years to come. This commitment to quality starts with a rigorous procurement policy. After purchase, we inspect the machines thoroughly on various points. We then proceed with a thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs of the offered machine. Meanwhile, we add clear photos and descriptions to our website, allowing potential customers to orient themselves online. Once you've found a suitable machine, it can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.