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1 - 21 of 27
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  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About second-hand machines for Radish

Radishes can be grown in greenhouses or in the open field. The advantage to growing radishes in a greenhouse is that they can be grown all year round, even in colder climates. It takes radishes longer to grow in winter because it is colder and there is less light.

Tillage equipment

The production process comprises three steps, of which tillage is the most important. A tiller grinds the soil to loosen and aerate it. An overtop rotavator can be used to obtain even finer soil. The difference between an ordinary rotavator and a overtop rotavator is that the blades in a rotavator rotate against the direction of travel. Rotavators usually have a sieve at the top that brings the fine soil to the top. This ensures a finely textured seedbed.

Radish planters

To ensure evenly growing radishes, it is important that the plants are adequately spaced, at the same depth. Sowing radishes is therefore a precision job. Koppert or Agricola pneumatic precision seeders are good for sowing radishes. These radish seeders have a seeding element for each row. The sowing element contains a rotating sowing disc that sucks the seed onto the sowing disc by means of a vacuum. This is because the seed disc contains 1.2 - 1.5 mm holes at regular intervals, which suck up the seed as it rotates through the seed tray.

Brushes along the disc ensure that only one seed per hole is sucked in. Next, the vacuum is broken above the sowing coulter, after which the hole in the sowing disc is blown clean with compressed air. This places the radish seed at an exact distance and depth in the soil, after which it is covered with soil and pressed. The seeding distance is also determined by the number of holes in the seed disc and can be adjusted by gears.

Radish harvesters

The following two types of machines can be used for harvesting radishes. Both types of machines make use of strings (clamp belts) that grip the leafy tops to pull the radishes from the soil. The radish can then be processed in different ways.

Radish bunchers

Fully automatic radish bunchers makes bunches of approx. 10 radishes, leaves intact. The number of radishes per row is counted and a binding machine ties an elastic band around the leaves.

Harvesters for individual radishes

The harvester for individual radishes cuts off the leaves just above the tuber. On Koppert harvesting machines, this takes place at the end of the clamping belts. This individual radish can be packaged as a snack vegetable, for example. 

The leaves can also be cut from the radish in the production process with a neck topper to facilitate processing without the leaves.

Radish washers

Before the radish goes to the consumer, it is washed and rinsed. Radishes, individually or in plastic boxes, are immersed in a water bath in the washing machine where the soil is rinsed off.

Grading machines

Individual radishes can be sorted into different sizes by a radial roller grader. This machine applies the principle of stainless steel rollers mounted across the machine on chains. The distance between these rollers can be adjusted step-wise across the different grades, thus separating different sizes.

Radish packaging machines

Radishes can be packaged in several ways. The following packaging machines can be included in a packaging line to weigh, fill and transport various trays, boxes and containers:

  • Multihead weighing machine for individual radishes: for weighing bags or cups of 100 grams or more.
  • Cup and bucket filling machine: singulates stacks of cups and/or buckets and places them under a fixed filling position.
  • Bag and sack filling machine: fills preformed bags (e.g. pointed or block bags) and seals them with a seal or a clip.
  • Vertical flowpack machine: makes a bag from a film roll with its own sealing system. A vertical flowpacker is placed under the filling position of a weigher.
  • Flowpack machine for radish bunches: a horizontal undersealer is mainly used for this. The bunches are placed manually on the infeed conveyor, after which they are provided with flow wrap. 

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