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What is Duijndam Machines?

Duijndam Machines is a company specialized in buying and selling used agricultural and horticultural machinery. Contrary to market places for used machines, Duijndam buys all machines itself, after which they are sold from our own stock. Because of this we have a good idea of all the machines we sell.

How can I find interesting machines for me?

All machines are divided into 5 main categories: "Flowers and Plants", "Field Vegetables", "Greenhouse Vegetables", "Fruit Cultivation" and "Conveyors". You can then select the operation, crop or brand you are looking for.

Once you arrive at the specific page, you will see a list of all the machines that fit within your chosen filters. All machines come with detailed descriptions and photos so you know exactly what you are buying. Do you still have questions after seeing the ad? Then you can always contact one of our specialists.

How can I contact Duijndam Machines?

At Duijndam Machines we consider service of paramount importance. Therefore we are always available during office hours by phone at (+31) (0)180 632 088  and outside office hours by mail for all your questions.

Are secondhand machines reliable?

Provided they are well maintained, used agricultural and horticultural machinery, especially from reputable brands, are reliable. Because we have a strict purchasing policy at Duijndam Machines, you can rest assured that all machines on our website work properly.

Can I also rent machines at Duijndam?

Renting machines is not possible with us.

Can I also request machines?

You cannot request specific machines on our website. However, you can sign up for our "e-mail alerts."

With e-mail alerts you will stay informed about recently added machines that are of interest to you. If you subscribe you will receive a notification as soon as a machine meets one of your selected characteristics, such as machine type, brand and crop.

Also, you can always call or email us if you are looking for a specific machine.

What are the accepted payment methods for purchasing used machines from Duijndam?

You can pay with us by; bank transfer, PIN or cash. Credit cards and checks are not accepted.


Where can I see the machine?

Almost all machines and materials are located at our company in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (near Rotterdam, the Netherlands). You can come and see the machines from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM. Please give us a call to make an appointment. It is also possible to schedule a video call.

What are the costs for transport?

Please tell us your address and which machine you’re interested in. We can make an offer with a rate for transport without any obligation. You will usually receive a price within a day. In the case of exceptional transport (because of the width, length or height of the machine) or transport by container, it may take a bit longer.

When is the machine available?

Most of the machines are available at short notice. Often it is even possible to pick up the machine immediately and pay by debit card or bank transfer. Do you need the machine quickly? Please inquire about the expected delivery time.

What is the condition of the machine?

It is our goal to deliver reliable and well-functioning machines. Therefore, the used machines are tested by our technicians before delivery. Sometimes this can differ because the machine has already been dismantled. Most products are supplied in the state in which they find themselves. Please ask the salesperson for more information on a specific item. It is also possible to request more pictures or schedule a video call.

What are your terms and conditions?

The machines are sold on under our general terms and conditions. The products are supplied in the state in which they find themselves. It is our aim to provide reliable and properly functioning machines. Please ask the salesperson about any concerns or questions.

Do you also provide installation?

Whether a machine needs to be installed by a specialised technician depends on the type of machine and the experience of your staff. Most machines are stand-alone and can easily be installed by the buyer. Should installation be required, you can either organise this yourself locally or we can help you. For technically more sophisticated machines, we work together with dealers and our technical partners. Our own technicians do not carry out installation.

What are the payment conditions?

All machines must be paid in full before loading. This applies to both new and existing customers. After invoicing, the payment term is 10 days. When the payment term has expired and payment has not yet been received, the machine becomes available for sale again.

Can I reserve a machine?

We work on the ‘first come, first served’ principle. Reserving a machine is only possible if the buyer is at an advanced stage and the reservation is for a few days only. Often we are in contact with several potential customers simultaneously. Even when a machine is reserved we continue to offer our machines until they are sold definitively. The machine also remains active on the website.

Which VAT rate applies?

Mentioned prices are excluding 21% VAT. For companies within the European Union and with a valid VAT number, 0% VAT is charged. Customers outside the European Union are also exempt from VAT, provided that the stamped import/export papers are returned within 6 weeks.

How does the purchasing process work?

Have you found a machine that suits you? Then please send us your company details (incl. VAT number for foreign customers) by e-mail. Please also state whether you will be collecting the machine yourself or whether we have to arrange transport for you. You will then receive the invoice by e-mail. Upon receipt of your payment, the machine will be prepared for delivery.

Are all the machines on the website immediately available?

Almost all the machines you find on our website are in stock in our own warehouse and are therefore almost immediately available. 

Are the machines checked before Duijndam Machines sells them?

Supplying reliable and well-functioning machines, starts with purchasing. Because at Duijndam Machines we only want to deliver machines that our customers can enjoy for a long time to come, we have a strict purchasing policy. All machines are first inspected by our mechanics before they are purchased. Then the machines are extensively tested and repaired where necessary.

Do I get warranty on the machines I buy from Duijndam?

The machines are delivered in good working condition, but without warranty. The mostly used machines are subjected to various inspections by both our buyers and mechanics. As far as possible, the machines are tested while running. Non-functioning parts are repaired or replaced. In general, the machines are not completely overhauled, but the starting point is a technically well-functioning machine. For certain more advanced machines, we choose to have the service inspection carried out by a specialized mechanic from the manufacturer, for example, giving customers more certainty, especially with more complex machines. Every machine is unique, therefore discuss the technical condition and conditions with the salesman.

One reason the machines are delivered without warranty is because the machines are used worldwide. Due to the diverse type of machines it is difficult for our mechanics to provide adequate service remotely. All machines are delivered under our general conditions. Among other things, these state that the machines do not have to be perfect. 

Do you want more certainty about your purchase? Optionally, we can offer warranty on the parts of the machine. Please inquire about the costs and conditions.

Do you deliver all machines worldwide?

If required, Duijndam Machines can deliver your order worldwide. You can ask us for a quotation without any obligation, after which we will get back to you as soon as possible with a price for your specific delivery. The size, weight and distance obviously influence the transport costs.

How old are the machines sold by Duijndam Machines?

If the year of construction of the machine is known it is listed on the website. The starting point for the machines is always the technical condition. Some machines may be older, but these should meet the conditions that they are little used, well maintained or have several years of use.  

Can I also view the machine remotely?

At Duijndam Machines we make every effort to give interested parties, even remotely, the most complete picture possible of the machines we offer. Therefore, in addition to the extensive advertisements, we also offer you the possibility to schedule a video call so that we can show you the machine remotely.

Does Duijndam Machines offer me help in selecting the right machine for my needs?

Certainly, at Duijndam Machines several advisors work who can help you, often even in your native language, to select the right machine.

Are financing options available for purchasing used agricultural and horticultural machinery from Duijndam?

We regularly finance used machines. We ourselves do not offer financing options. This is done through the buyer's bank or finance company.

How long does it take for a used machine to be delivered after purchase?

Upon receipt of payment, we will arrange for the machine to be prepared for delivery. Our mechanics do their best to have all the machines we have in stock ready within a few days. However, we are sometimes dependent on suppliers of parts and specialized mechanics, so it can sometimes take longer.

If we arrange transport it usually takes 1-2 weeks before you have the machine. Do you need a machine quickly or before a certain date? Discuss this with the salesperson. In some cases the machine can be picked up by you today. 


Which machines can I sell to Duijndam Machines?

You can offer all horticultural and agricultural machinery to us. As an international trading company, we actively buy machines for vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants, such as sowing machines, planting machines, weeding machines, harvesting machines, washing machines, sorting machines, packaging machines, conveyor belts and many other machines. Here, we are not limited to any particular brand. This means that we can handle many different types of machines. Do you still doubt whether your machine suits us? Fill in the form above and our buyers will assess the machine. 

Can I also sell complete production lines and company inventory to you?

Yes. You can contact us, regardless of whether you want to sell one machine, an entire production line or all machines for a particular crop. We regularly buy whole production lines and company inventories from vegetable cutting and processing companies, horticulture companies (such as vegetable growing, agriculture, fruit growing, tree nursery, pot plants and floriculture), sorting companies and packaging companies. We are often a suitable buyer for a large number of these machines. Would you prefer one buyer for everything? Please mention this in your call. 

How does the process of selling my machine work?

Selling your machine starts with sending information to Duijndam Machines, such as brand, type of machine, specifications and photos. This can be done via the form above, by email to: or by phone on +31 180-632088. Our buyers will then evaluate the machines. The more information and photos you provide, the better our buyers will be able to assess the machine's value. The buyers will evaluate your machine and come back to you with additional questions about its technical condition. We can give the best assessment of the machine when it is running. This can be done through a visit or a video (video call). When we have come to a deal, we will ensure clear conditions and collect the materials from you in consultation. 

Can I sell a machine to you from all over Europe or America?

Yes, we trade machines all over Europe and sometimes even machines outside Europe, such as in America and Canada. It depends on the type of machine, quality, age and price to determine whether the machine is interesting for us to buy. Please offer your machine for assessment by our buyers. 

I do not have any photos at the moment. Can I offer the machine without photos?

Yes, you can fill in the form now and send the photos later. You can offer your machines via the form above, by e-mail to: or by phone on +31 180 632088. We will, however, ask you to take photos or a video. So that it is clear to us what it is about. In the confirmation e-mail there is also an e-mail address where you can send the photos. Or you can ask the buyer for his phone number via Whatsapp. 

What price will I get for the machine?

The price you receive depends on several factors, such as technical condition, maintenance history and how much demand there is in the market for this type of machine. We always do our best to offer a realistic price that is in line with the market and based on market developments. This includes our expenses for repairs and transport, as well as risk, and margin. We use our databases and years of experience to determine the price. The more information you can provide about the machine, such as purchase and maintenance invoices, the better we are able to quickly arrive at a good price. 

Do you also broker machines?

Yes, we also mediate for machines that are more complex or have a smaller market. The sale always goes through us. The advantage of mediation for the seller is that he receives a better price than the normal purchase price. However, the machine must be stored by the seller himself. Our added value is that the machine comes to the attention of a large international audience. We do this through our international network, our own website, various other websites and newsletters. In addition, your machine is actively included in quotation processes to other customers in English, German, French, Dutch and Russian, and to a lesser extent in Italian, Spanish and Polish. 

How reliable are you?

We have been in the business of buying machinery since 1977. This has resulted in a (financially) solid company with long customer relationships with entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our customer base consists of both large and small companies that trust us. Our operations are based on honesty, reliability and a straightforward way of doing business. As a family business, we understand the value of relationships and we strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. When you sell your machine to us, you also have the security of getting paid, which is a lot more uncertain when selling through other channels.

Who takes care of dismantling?

The most important thing is that dismantling is done professionally, so that the machine can be transported without damage. For some machines this is easy, while for other machines or situations this is more complex or more work. For each transaction, we discuss whether the selling party is able to carefully organise dismantling and loading. If this is not the case, we will look for the best solution together with the seller.

Do you collect the machines from my place?

We usually organise the collection of the machines. If you have your own possibilities for delivery, please let us know. We do expect the seller to carefully load the machines onto the lorry. Should you not be able to do this, we will look for the best solution together.  

What condition should the machines be in?

It is important that the machine works. So that the machine, possibly after being serviced, can work again for a while with a new owner. Therefore, we want to focus on used machines that are of good quality. Age is less relevant in some cases. Worn-out machines do not make anyone happy. Is a repair imminent? This is no problem, but mention it honestly to us. So there are no surprises. Send photos of worn parts or damage so that everything is clear to the buyer.

Can I sell my machines to Duijndam Machines?

At Duijndam Machines we are always looking for reliable, used agricultural and horticultural machinery. Do you have a machine over complete? Then offer it to us through this purchase form so you can sell your machine directly for a favorable price.

Why should I sell my machine to Duijndam Machines?

Unlike many marketplaces for machines, Duijndam buys the machines directly from you and therefore you do not have to wait for a buyer on the platform. 

So you get rid of your machine immediately, at a favorable price.

What is the difference between Duijndam Machines and a marketplace?

On a marketplace for used agricultural and horticultural machinery, you can offer your machine for a commission to the platform. Then someone has to want to buy your machine before you receive your money.

However, Duijndam Machines is not a marketplace, but buys all machines itself. Therefore, if you offer your machine to Duijndam, you will be rid of your machine immediately.

How do I get paid by Duijndam Machines?

Once the machine has been purchased by us, you will receive a purchase confirmation. This purchase confirmation describes the machine and the arrangements. You can use the data from this purchase confirmation for the invoice. The invoice is paid by bank transfer.

What types of used agricultural and horticultural machinery does your Duijndam Machines purchase?

Duijndam Machines is always looking for used, but good quality agricultural and horticultural machinery. We are especially interested in the following machines:

  • Conveyors
  • Box tippers
  • Sorting machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Potting machines
  • Planting machines

Do you have a machine overcompleted that does not fall under these types? Then please contact us, chances are we are still interested!

How does your company set the price for the used machines you purchase?

The price is determined by several factors, but of course the current condition of the machine is the most decisive. If you offer your machine to us, a purchasing specialist will contact you and offer you a price that he or she thinks is realistic.

Are there specific requirements for the state and condition of the used machines Duijndam purchases?

Our philosophy is that the buyers of our machines should be able to continue using our machines for years to come. Therefore, we believe that delivering quality machines starts at the point of purchase. We inspect all machines extensively, and ask for as much information as possible from the seller so that we can get as complete a picture of the machine as possible. Basically, we are looking for well-functioning, well-maintained used machines.

However, we have our own workshop where (minor) repairs can be carried out, so the machines do not have to be perfect. Do you want to sell a machine to us, but you have doubts about its condition? Then please contact us, so together we can see if your machine suits us.

Does Duijndam Machines also purchase machines that are not functioning properly or have damage?

We prefer to buy only machines that are in good working order. This is because we believe it is important to provide good machines, and in our opinion, that starts with the purchase. So we are especially interested in machines that function well and/or are well maintained. 

In addition, our workshop is also able to perform (minor) repairs. Do you want to sell a machine that needs (major) maintenance or repairs? You can simply offer the machine to us, provided you also mention this. This allows us to assess more quickly whether that machine suits us.

What is the lead time for completing the procurement process and receiving payment?

The turnaround time of the purchasing process depends on several factors, such as the speed of providing information, distance to the machine and organizing transportation. Do you want to sell a machine quickly because you need the financial or physical space? Indicate this to our buyers. So that we can take into account and possibly come up with an answer faster.

Do I need to provide documentation or history of the machine before Duijndam Machines purchases it?

The more information we have about a machine, the better we are able to judge whether the machine suits us and its value. Therefore we ask you to provide all available information, such as purchase invoice, maintenance invoices and a description of usage and maintenance history. This supplemented with photos and videos.

Can I sell multiple machines to your company at the same time?

If you have several machines that you want to get rid of at once, you can certainly come to us. You can offer your machines to us via this form or by mail (

What happens if the state of the machine differs from what I initially stated?

For us, honest communication is the foundation in business. Many things also come to light during an inspection or test run. In both buying and selling, we like to work with parties we can do business with on a regular basis. 

Can I get references from other vendors who have worked with Duijndam Machines before?

If you want a reference, we can usually provide it in your own country or language. The companies from whom we have purchased machines and to whom we have delivered machines are located both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Furthermore, you can read the Google Reviews here