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Used Brussel sprouts harvesting machines

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    • Quality equipment
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    About used Brussel sprouts harvesting machines

    Brussel sprout harvesters are used for harvesting sprouts. There are pulled or self-propelled versions of sprout harvesters and with various numbers of rows. There are also electric sprout harvesting units that are used for harvesting in the barn.

    Self-propelled sprout harvester on caterpillar tracks

    Self-propelled Tumoba Brussel sprout harvesters with caterpillar tracks are equipped with a cutting device for each row. The stalks are cut and manually fed into the stripping heads. The sprouts and leaves are cut and separated from the stalks in the stripping head. The stalks and leaves are left behind on the field. The spouts are collected in a hopper in the middle of the Tumoba Brussel sprout harvester. Each model is built on a caterpillar track-driven chassis with a diesel engine at the back of the Brussel sprout harvester. The machine is hydraulically driven and steered.

    Capacity of the Brussel sprout harvester

    A sprout harvester can harvest about 800 plants per row per hour. The harvester operator has 4.5 seconds to get the cut plant into the stripping head. The plant intervals determine the driving speed of the sprout harvester during harvesting. Usually this is only 300 metres per hour.

    There are about 40,000 plants on a 1 hectare field of sprouts. The number of rows the sprout harvester has effects the processing capacity. A harvester with 2 rows takes 25 hours to harvest 1 hectare. A harvester equipped with 4 rows takes 12.5 hours for the same area. Sometimes several sprout harvesters are used to harvest many sprouts, on occasion 24 hours per day.

    The information above is a general estimate and depends on such factors as plant intervals, the type of Brussel sprout harvester and the experience of the operators. In some cases Brussel sprout harvesters are converted into curly kale harvesters.

    Here you will find the current selection of second-hand Brussel sprout harvesters from Tumoba, Jamafa and Deman. Our expert staff will be very pleased to advise you in finding the most suitable Brussel spruit harvester.