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Used Pneumatic sowing machines

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1 - 3 of 3
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  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About used Pneumatic sowing machines

Pneumatic sowing machines are used for sowing all sorts of fine seeds at exact intervals and at exact depths. Onions, carrots, chicory, beets, beans, corn, leek, radish, spinich, sunflowers and various other vegetable can be sown depending on the type of seed discs and the pneumatic precision sowing machine.

Operation of a pneumatic precision sowing machine for vegetables

A rotating seed disc can be found in the sowing element which sucks seed onto the disc with air. There are holes at regular intervals on this seed disc which vacuum the seed up when the seed bin turns. Levellers that sweep along the disc ensure that only one seed is sucked up per hole. The vacuum is then broken above the seed coulter while the hole in the seed disc is blown clean by compressed air at the same time. The seed is laid on the soil and then covered in soil and pressed down.

The sowing distance is determined by the number of holes in the seed disc. Moreover the sowing interval can be adjusted by means of cog wheels. The size of the hole (in millimetres) determines the type of seed that can be sown with the pneumatic precision sowing machine. The seed discs can be changed so that it is possible to sow several types of vegetable using the same precision sowing machine. It is always possible to order other seedings discs if the required seed discs are not standardly included with the pneumatic seeding machine.

The following table shows pressure adjustment and type of sowing disc per type of vegetable.

These adjustments might vary between different types of pneumatic seeding drills.

Type of vegetableCalibration
(non-pelleted or pelleted)
Seeding disk
Hole diameter (mm)
Under pressure
Over pressure
Chicory1,25 - 1,500,5 - 0,630 - 40 40
Lambs lettuce1,25 - 2,000,63040
Cucumbers2,040 - 50-
Cabbage1,50 - 2,250,8 - 1,03030 - 40
Poppy seed1,25 - 1,500.825 - 3040
Carrots1,00 - 2,000,6 - 0,830 - 4040 - 50
Carrots pelleted2,00 - 2,501,04030
Parsley0,75 - 1,000,53040
Leek1,50 - 2,250,8 - 1,04020 - 30
Radishes2,50 - 3,251,2 - 1,530 - 5020
Black radish2,75 - 3,251,540-
Beetroot3,00 - 4,002,0 30 - 40 -
Beets3,25 - 4,252,035 - 40 -
Beets pelleted3,25 - 4,752,040-
Lettuce0,75 - 1,000,53040
Asparagus2,50 - 4,002,030 - 40-
Spinach2,50 - 3,501,540-
Tomatoes2,00 - 2,251,04020
Onions2,00 - 2,251,04030

Here you will find an overview of the second-hand pneumatic precision sowing machines from Accord Kverneland, Agricola, Gaspardo, Sfoggia, Nodet, Koppert and Monosem that Duijndam Machines has for sale at the moment. Our experienced and expert staff are willing to help and advise you in finding the most suitable seeding drill for your vegetables or flowers.