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Used machines for Spinach

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  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
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About second-hand machines for Spinach

Vegetables come in all shapes and sizes, but very few contain Vitamin B1. However, the following leafy vegetable does; Spinach! This vegetable is hugely popular and is now used in numerous ways; in pasta and other hot dishes, but spinach can also be eaten raw. 

This leafy vegetable was first grown in the Persian Empire, present-day Iran, and then quickly became popular in China. In Europe, this green iron bomb was not found in kitchens until later, making its appearance only in the late 12th century.

By now, everyone knows spinach and it is also widely grown. Growing and processing spinach involves numerous machines that drastically reduce the labour intensity of this vegetable. 

Spinach seeders

As with all plants, growing spinach starts with sowing the vegetable. Spinach is generally sown directly in the garden, depending on the climate, as early as December. Fortunately, the seed no longer needs to be sown by hand; spinach sowing is done with precision mechanical or pneumatic seeders. 

The name pretty much says it all: with a pneumatic precision seeder, the seed is sown with great precision. These types of seeders use air to suck the seed into a rotating seed disc. In this seed disc, at regular intervals, there is a hole through which the seed is sucked into a vacuum as it rotates through the seed hopper. The wipers ensure that only one seed is sucked in at a time. This is then blown clean with compressed air and placed in the soil, after which the seed is covered with soil and pressed down. 

Both pneumatic and mechanical seeders are great for sowing spinach, but the advantage of the pneumatic seeder is that it plants the seeds much more accurately at the right distance in the row. 


Harvesting machines for spinach 

Spinach is a fast-growing plant, which can be harvested from as early as 10 cm (babyleaf). Depending on the climate, the harvesting season for spinach can run from April to December. Spinach can be grown for the fresh market as well as for the frozen industry. Which market the spinach is intended for determines the type of spinach harvester that can be used. For fresh spinach, it is best to use a harvester that can harvest the spinach precisely and finely. This method of harvesting is suitable for spinach in the vegetable department of a supermarket. A band saw or large cutting blades cut the spinach just above the ground. Good blades ensure a tight cut that allows the product to be harvested multiple times.

Depending on the type of spinach harvester deployed, the spinach is placed on a conveyor belt after cutting, and the spinach is collected in crates at the end of this belt. 

Harvesting machines for fresh spinach come in different designs, such as self-propelled harvesters on tracks or wheels, or a 3-point carried machine. Examples of manufacturers of these machines include; OrtomecRoopack Spimaro, Hortech, TumobaKoppert and Van den Beucken. Harvesters for spinach can often be used for other leafy vegetables as well, such as; babyleaf, arugula, parsley and various lettuces cut just above the ground.

Is the spinach meant for the frozen industry? Then capacity plays a big role, as a large area needs to be harvested in a short time. These large self-propelled harvesters, from brands such as Ploeger, Oxbo, and Pixal, are bigger and wider than those for fresh spinach and can store the spinach in a large bunker. 

Washing machines for spinach

Before washing the spinach, it is important that it undergoes an inspection first, to avoid poor-quality spinach entering the washing and packaging process.

Spinach is a leafy vegetable sold fresh or frozen. In both cases, it is important that the vegetables are clean and hygienic. A spinach washer can be used for this. These washers wash the spinach with (ice) cold water, which shrinks the cells, preserving colour and flavour. Washing ensures there is no more sand and bugs between the leaves. After washing, the spinach is sprayed and dewatered. 

Weighing machine for spinach 

After washing the spinach, the product has reached the end of its process; weighing and packaging. For spinach, it is best to use a weighing machine that is also used for other leafy vegetables and lettuces, such as a multihead weighing machine where the weighing buckets are placed in a circle. These multihead weighing machines are suitable for products that are difficult to transport such as rocket, lamb's lettuce and/or mangetout. The weighing machines can accurately weigh spinach from +/- 75 to 1000 grams, with an accuracy of 2 grams. 

Spinach packaging machines 

If the product is sold frozen, it needs a different packaging machine than if it is sold fresh. Fresh spinach is mostly packed using a vertical flow pack machine. This keeps the spinach fresh for longer. 

How do I find the right used spinach machine for me?

On this page you will find an overview of all available used spinach machines. In the filter on the left you can select the type of machine you are looking for, e.g. for planting, harvesting, or washing spinach. On the page of a specific machine, you will find all necessary information about the product, including pictures. Are you interested in one of the machines? Then you can easily request more information or a free quote from us. Is there something you need to know for sure? Contact us by phone or visit us to see the used machine for yourself at our company. You will get the best impression of the machine if you see it for yourself. Of course, we are also happy to give you advice on which spinach machine would best suit your situation.

How do we work at Duijndam Machines?

At Duijndam Machines we always try to have the broadest possible stock of quality machines. Usually our stock counts around 1200 used machines. Our philosophy is that our customers will be able to use the delivered machines for many years. Our choice for quality starts with a critical purchasing policy. After purchase, we check the machines for all sorts of aspects. This is followed by a thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs. Meanwhile, clear pictures and description are added to our website so that potential customers can get a good orientation online. Once you have found a suitable machine, it can be delivered to your doorstep worldwide if necessary.

Are you interested in one of our used machines for spinach? Then please contact us and we will provide you with personal advice.