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    • Quality equipment
    • Skilled personnel
    • Worldwide delivery
    • Since 1977

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    About used Jamafa machines

    Jamafa was founded 70 years ago and currently operates from Kelper Oler, the Netherlands. Jamafa currently focuses on the production of machinery for the cultivation of roses, but previouslybuilt other types of machinery, such as Brussels sprouts harvesters.

    Karel van Hattum, who took over the company in 2009, is continuously engaged in modernising and improving the efficiency of the company and its products. As a result, the company is also able to offer its customers continually improving service.

    Jamafa rose bunching machine

    The Jamafa rose bunching machine grades and automatically processes roses into bunches. The machine grades roses according to length as a standard, but can also be used to grade them according to stem thickness, ripeness, bud size, bud width, straightness and even colour.

    Jamafa length grading machine

    The length grading machine is a robust machine that grades roses or other flowers and greenery according to pre-set lengths.

    Jamafa rose sealer

    A rose sealer is used to package roses in a cylindrically-shaped wrapper after grading so that they can be presented attractively in shops.

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