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Used Washing machines

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21 machines per page.
1 - 14 of 14
21 machines per page.
  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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We are constantly looking for good quality agricultural and horticultural machinery.

About second-hand Washing machines

In the renovation and processing industry of vegetables and fruits, washing machines play an indispensable role. The product, of course, comes dirty from the field and needs to be carefully cleaned to be sold or adequately stored. Washing machines play a significant role in this process. Vegetable washing machines efficiently clean vegetables, reducing the need for the grower to invest a significant amount of valuable labor time.

At Duijndam Machines, we offer a large selection of used vegetable washing machines. These machines are considerably more affordable than new ones but are nevertheless reliable and typically have several more years of service life. The favorable purchase price results in a considerably shorter payback period compared to buying new machines.

On this page, you will find all the used vegetable washing machines that we currently have in stock. If you're unsure whether a vegetable washing machine suits your needs, feel free to contact us so that a specialized salesperson can assist you!


Vegetable washing machines, like vegetables themselves, come in various shapes and sizes. It is essential to consider the type of vegetable to be washed when selecting a vegetable washing machine, as these machines are often designed for specific types of vegetables or fruits. While a washing machine can often handle vegetables with similar shapes, such as cucumbers, zucchinis, and eggplants, it's crucial to choose the right machine for optimal efficiency.

Below, we have provided more detailed descriptions of some of the best-selling vegetable washing machines. For additional information, you can visit the page dedicated to each vegetable washing machine.

On this page, you can find all the vegetable washing machines currently in our inventory.


Asparagus is known for its delicacy and requires careful handling during the processing. Duijndam Machines offers specialized asparagus washing and peeling machines designed to work efficiently without compromising the quality of the asparagus. These machines ensure thorough cleaning and peeling, making the asparagus ready for further processing or immediate consumption.

The asparagus washing and peeling machine, as the name suggests, has two functions: washing the asparagus and peeling its outer, tough layer. Combining these tasks in a single process enhances efficiency. You can find all the asparagus peeling and washing machines currently for sale on this page.


In the agricultural sector and the food industry, hygiene is crucial, especially during the processing and storage of vegetables and fruits. Duijndam Machines sells used crate and tray washing machines that ensure a thorough cleaning of reusable containers. Washing crates and trays at high temperatures effectively removes bacteria and other contaminants, resulting in a clean and hygienic environment for further product processing.

Stainless steel crate washers have been developed for virtually all types of crates and boxes. When selecting a used crate washer, it's essential to start by considering the sizes of your crates and then explore which used crate washers are suitable. You can find our entire selection on the page dedicated to crate and tray washing machines.


Drum washing machines are versatile and commonly used for washing potatoes, carrots, and other tuberous vegetables such as parsnips, beets, celery, and turnips. Drum washing machines are typically made of stainless steel or steel, making them highly durable. They can be broadly divided into two groups: those with and without a water bath. In drum washing machines without a water bath, water is sprayed into the drum, and as the drum rotates, the vegetables move, rubbing against each other, removing dirt that is then drained with the water. Drum washing machines with a water bath keep the water in the drum, making them more suitable for delicate vegetables as the water supports them, reducing the risk of abrasion.Explore all our drum washing machines here.


Leek washing and peeling machines are specifically designed for washing and peeling leeks. In a leek washing machine, leeks are manually loaded onto the conveyor belt, where they are held in place by a rubber clamping band. In this processing line, the roots and excess foliage of the leeks are first cut, followed by a thorough water spray for cleaning. After this, the grower may choose to manually remove the outer leaf for an even cleaner leek.

Find all our used leek washing and peeling machines on the leek washing machines page.

How to find the right vegetable washing machine for you?

On this page, you'll find an overview of all available used vegetable washing machines. Use the filter on the left to select the type of machine you're looking for, such as asparagus, leek, or drum washing machine. When you're on the page of a specific washing machine, you'll find all the necessary information about the product. If you're interested in any of the machines, you can easily request more information or a non-binding quote from us. If you want to be certain, contact us by phone or visit us to inspect the washing machine yourself at our company. Seeing a used harvesting machine in person will give you the best impression. Of course, we're also happy to provide advice on which machine best suits your situation.

How do we operate at Duijndam Machines?

At Duijndam Machines, we strive to maintain a broad inventory of high-quality machines. Typically, our stock includes more than 1200 used machines. Our philosophy is that our customers should be able to rely on the delivered machines for many years. The commitment to quality begins with a rigorous purchasing policy. After acquisition, we inspect the machines on various crucial points. Following this, a thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs are carried out on the offered machine. Meanwhile, clear photos and a description are added to our website so that potential customers can adequately research online. When a customer finds a suitable machine, it can be delivered worldwide if necessary.

If you're interested in any of our washing machines, feel free to contact us for personalized advice.