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1 - 21 of 24
21 machines per page.
  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About second-hand Visser machines

Since 1967, Visser Horti Systems B.V. has been developing and producing horticultural machines as well as complete production lines for various nurseries. Visser predominantly focuses on the automation of plant nurseries. Visser is able, in collaboration with growers, to develop a broad range of automation systems for nurseries, corresponding to market needs.

Visser filling machines for pots and trays

The Visser filling machines can be used for filling different types of pots and trays with substrate. These pots and trays are used at plant nurseries during the cultivation of young plants from seeds or shoots.

The different types of filling machines each have their own specific features with respect to supply of soil. For most types of filling machines, the trays or pots are put through by means of a conveyor belt under an implement. This is where they are filled with soil, while a rotating rotor presses the soil. Subsequently, a brush will wipe the surplus soil off the tray or pot, for a neat result. As a rule, the excess soil will return to the implement of buffer tray of the filling machine.

Being able to shift the cover sheets and the adjust the height of the implement, makes the filling machine easy to use for different types of trays, such as shoot-trays, multi-cell trays or sets of pots and seedbeds.

Visser tray seeding machines

Visser tray seeding machines can be used for sowing various seeds for flowers, plants and vegetables in trays. Usually, the tray seeders are used as a seed line in combination with a tray filler, perforator, covering unit and an irrigation station (jet).This way, the trays can be made ready for cultivation in the greenhouse, within a single process.

Most tray seeders make use of pneumatics, where the seed is vacuum sucked by way of which it is sown into the tray. The way of sowing (single or double), vacuum degree and discharge capacity can be adjusted, allowing the seeder to be fine-tuned, as the user desires. This technique ensures an accurate and reliable result.

Below, the two most common types of pneumatic tray seeding machines are explained;

Pneumatic needle seeders, such as the Visser Granette, extract one seed vacuum, per needle or nozzle, from an open vibrating seed tray and discharge it into the pot or tray cell. The seed bars are aligned with the measurements of the trays. Different types of seeds can be sown into the tray by applying other needles or nozzles on the seed tray. That makes this type of seeding machine also suitable for sowing seeds with deviating shapes. Needle seeders had best be used for the sowing of small batches, because this type of tray seeding machines can relatively easily be extended.

A pneumatic barrel seeder will suck up the seed via small holes in a sowing barrel (sowing wheel). The barrel will rotate in a direction opposite to that of the sowing belt and blows off the seeds into the tray cell or pot. Many barrel seeders are also fitted with a blow off function that the small holes are cleaned with. The barrels correspond with the measurements of the tray and the size of the seeds. Barrel seeding machines are suitable for larger sowing ranges, due to the efficient way of sowing (high capacity). The barrel seeder can also be used for sowing larger or heavier seed.

Visser Pic O Mat Transplanter

The Visser Pic O Mat transplanter will automatically plant young plants from trays into a pot or tray. The machine is equipped with multiple grippers, each of which has 4 ‘fingers’. In the computer of the transplanting machine, different programs can be created for different tray- and pot sizes. The grippers are suitable for taking up a large variety of plants and positioning them into a large number of plug sizes. Automating the planting this way, will save labour costs.

Visser soil blocking machines

Visser has different soil blocking machines in its assortment that high quality soil blocking machines can be made with. Soil blocking machines can be structured as a compact stand-alone machine or as a complete soil blocking machine line. A complete line could consist of a soil mixer, soil supply, seeding machine and transfer towards the seed beds.

Using stamps, the soil blocking machine presses moist soil into little square blocks of the desired dimensions. Here, it is important for the pressing that the mixture is made sufficiently wet. The soil mixture largely consists of potting soil and partly of sand. In order to get the soil into the right proportions, a soil block press is usually combined with a soil mixer and/or soil moisturiser. Different sizes of pressed clods can be produced by changing the blocks. The pressed clods are fitted with little seeding holes to make sowing or repotting easier. Depending on the type of soil block press, the plugs are deposited into trays, either automatically or manually, by use of a dispensing rake.

How do I find the right second-hand Visser machine for me?

On this page you can find an overview of all available used Visser horticultural machines. In the filter on the left hand side you can select what you are looking for, for example for the filling of pots and trays, the sowing of vegetables in trays or the transplanting of plants. On the page of a specific machine you can find all the necessary information about the product, including photos. Additional photos can be sent to you on request. Are you interested in one of the machines? Then you can easily ask us for additional information, or ask for a non-binding quotation. Is there something you would like to be assured of? Contact us by telephone or visit us to see the used machine for yourself, at our company. A used machine will give you the best impression when you have seen it from up close. Obviously we will be happy to give you advice about which machine will best suit your situation.

How do we, at Duijndam Machines, operate?

At Duijndam Machines we always try to keep an as ample as possible stock of premium quality machines. Our philosophy is that our clients will be able to apply the used machines for many more years. The selection of quality already starts with a critical procurement policy. After purchase, we inspect the machines on many aspects. Afterwards, the machine will be thoroughly cleaned and the necessary repairs are executed. Meanwhile, clear photos and a description will be added on our website, so potential clients will be able to properly orientate online. When you have found a suitable machine, it can be delivered to your door, worldwide if desired.

Are you interested in one of our used Visser horticultural machines? Then you can contact us and we will provide you with personal advice.