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Privacy policy of Duijndam Machines

Duijndam Machines considers it of the utmost importance that the privacy of its customers is guaranteed to the greatest extent possible. Nevertheless, we still need you to provide some of your personal details when you visit our website, look at a machine or – further along in the process – ask some questions about a machine or perhaps even buy one. We have drawn up a privacy policy to ensure that your personal details are treated with due confidentiality. If you still have any questions after reading this privacy statement you can send us an email at or give us a call on +31 (0)180 – 63 20 88.

You will find the most recent privacy policy of Duijndam Machines on this page. We recommend consulting this on a regular basis.

Duijndam Machines V.O.F. is responsible for the use of your personal details. We are located at Tweede Tochtweg 127, 2913LR Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, The Netherlands.

Why does Duijndam Machines use your data?

Duijndam Machines makes use of your personal details to serve you to the best of its ability with regard to choosing a machine as well as the ensuing transaction and delivery process. We also use your personal details and preferences to optimise our business operations. This allows us to better respond to our customers’ requests. Examples are your surfing behaviour on our website or an analysis of requests for quotations based on country of origin.

Which personal details does Duijndam Machines use?

To offer you the best possible service we use the following personal details:

  • Surname and first name
  • Company name
  • Address, post code and city/town
  • Telephone number (landline and/or mobile)
  • E-mail address
  • VAT number

We will store these details from the moment that you have requested a quotation, purchased a machine from us or sold us a machine. The same applies when you subscribe to our email alerts or offer us a machine for sale. This data will continue to be accessible in our system until the moment that you ask us to delete this data from our system. This can, of course, be done at every point in time.

Are your personal details shared with third parties and, if so, with whom?

Duijndam Machines wishes to refrain from sharing your personal details with third parties to the greatest extent possible. Data is only shared with third parties (i.e. our partners) if this information is needed for our business operations. For example: if you buy a machine from us or sell one to us, we may outsource the shipping of this machine to a freight carrier. We make use of a permanent group of carriers with whom we regularly do business and who will treat your data with due care. We also ensure that these carriers only receive information that is absolutely necessary, such as your name, address and telephone number.

Does Duijndam Machines make use of cookies?

Duijndam Machines makes use of cookies and similar technology.

When you visit our website you are explicitly informed about our use of cookies. We place cookies to analyse our website, to optimise it and to improve its performance. If you wish to know which cookies we use specifically, please refer to the following page:

What rights do you have with regard to your data?

Duijndam Machines uses your data, but you will, of course, retain the following rights with regard to this data:The right to consult your personal data

  • The right to be informed and obtain clear explanations with regard to the use of your personal data by Duijndam Machines
  • The right to correct your personal data
  • The right to restrict the use of your personal data (i.e. we can store your data but not use it).
  • The right to have your personal data deleted
  • The right to lodge a complaint about the way in which we treat your personal data

If you wish to invoke one or more of your rights, please do not hesitate to contact us.