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Used Tray filling machines

Tray filling machines are used to fill various types of trays with potting soil. These are used at nurseries for growing young plants from seeds or cuttings.

There are many models available, each of which uses a different soil supply and filling method. In most cases the trays are conveyed to the tray filler by means of a conveyor belt running underneath a hopper containing soil. The trays are then filled with soil, which is pressed down firmly by a rotor. Next, a brush removes any excess soil from the tray for a tidy result. In most cases the excess soil is returned to the soil hopper, or a buffer container.

Most tray fillers can easily be adapted to various tray types (e.g. seed trays, cutting trays, multi-cell trays or sets of pots) by shifting the cover plates or adjusting the height of the soil hopper.

Javo Rotofill tray filler

A unique feature of the Javo Rotofill tray filling machine is its vibration unit, which ensures uniformly filled trays and the right soil density. This is especially convenient for trays with many and/or small holes.

You will find our current offering of used Javo, Mayer, Visser, Demtec, Heto, Da Ros, Mosa and Urbinati tray fillers below.

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