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1 - 3 of 3
21 machines per page.
  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About second-hand Store loaders

Hall fillers play a significant role in the agricultural sector, especially in the process of storing and warehousing agricultural crops such as potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery. Storing these products requires not only efficiency but also care, as you naturally don't want to damage your harvest in the process.

Product-friendly storage

One of the most critical aspects of using hall fillers is ensuring that crops are handled in a product-friendly manner. This involves the consideration of the drop height. Continuously limiting the drop height is a technique used to prevent potatoes, onions, and other crops from rolling or getting damaged during the storage process. This not only reduces damage but also speeds up the process in the end.

Technological innovations

Modern hall fillers are equipped with advanced technologies that ensure product-friendliness. They can logically pivot, extend, and adjust in height, evenly distributing the product across the storage space. The swiveling range is increased by the large overhang for the machine's wheels, minimizing the need for machine repositioning.

Automation and remote control

Some modern hall fillers are even capable of performing these movements automatically, which can be set to fill a hall through a preset program. Others can be operated remotely, giving operators more control over the warehousing process, resulting in better crop protection.

Low-Height difference Conveyor

Another crucial component of modern hall fillers is the telescopic continuously extendable conveyor belt. This conveyor consists of a continuous belt looped in an S-shape around the hall filler, ensuring there is no interim height difference in the conveyor belt, preventing damage to potatoes and onions. Additionally, these conveyors often feature cleats and run in a trough shape along the entire length of the machine, keeping the crops stationary and away from the frame.

Versatility of Used Store Loaders

Hall fillers are not limited to just storing and warehousing agricultural crops; they are also commonly used as box fillers. When combined with a forklift that places the boxes in position, they prove to be very efficient. Their high capacity, ease of operation, and maneuverability make them versatile for loading trucks and transporting various industrial goods, including gravel, sand, salt, biomass, grains, flour, soybeans, cocoa beans, and coffee beans. Moreover, hall fillers are even used as ship loaders, highlighting their versatility in the logistics industry.

Variety of Store Loader Brands

Various brands of hall fillers are available on the market, including Dewulf, Miedema, Grimme, AVR Climax, Bijlsma Hercules, Amac, Spinnekop, Visser Bolsward, and Breston. These brands offer a range of models and technological solutions to meet the specific needs of agricultural businesses and logistics operations. This assortment ensures that every enterprise can find the right hall filler that best suits their requirements and objectives.


On this page, you will find an overview of all available used hall fillers. In the filter on the left, you can select the type of machine you are looking for. Additionally, you can filter by the length and width of the conveyor belt at the top. On the page of a specific machine, you will find all the necessary information about the product, including photos. If you are interested in any of the machines, you can easily request more information or a non-binding quote from us. If you want to be sure, please contact us by phone or visit us to view the used machine at our company. You will get the best impression of the machine when you see it in person. Of course, we are also happy to provide advice on which hall filler is best suited to your situation.


At Duijndam Machines, we always strive to have the widest possible stock of high-quality machines. Usually, our inventory consists of around 1200 used machines. Our philosophy is that our customers should be able to use the delivered machines for many years to come. The choice for quality starts with a critical procurement policy. After purchase, we inspect the machines on various points. This is followed by a thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs to the offered machine. Meanwhile, we add clear photos and a description to our website so that potential customers can orient themselves well online. When you have found a suitable machine, it can be delivered worldwide to your doorstep.

If you are interested in one of our hall fillers, you can contact us, and we will provide you with personalized advice.