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Offer your machines to us by filling in the form below. We request you to provide as much information as possible, such as asking price, year of production, technical condition and recent maintenance. Clear and sharp photos are very important.

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Which machines can I sell to Duijndam Machines?

Most used agri- and horticultural machines can be sold to us. Of course, we are interested in conveyor belts, but also in machines for flowers and plants, open field vegetables, greenhouse vegetables and fruit growing. Thereby we also buy machines such as pipe rail trolleys, irrigation pumps and other machines that are used during of around the cultivation. Do you have a leftover machine, and doubt about selling it? Feel free to contact us on +31(0)180-632088.

What condition should the machine be in?

The most important thing is that the machine operates. This ensures that we can pass the machine on to someone else that needs it, after the servicing that is needed, has been done. A better condition of the machine of course results in a higher value.

What does the sale process of my machine looks like?

The process starts with the client, when they indicate that they want to sell a machine. This can be done through email, phone or with the purchasing form on this page. It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible, including photos. A buyer from Duijndam Machines will contact you, in order to verify the state of the machine and its worth. When you and the buyer reach a agreement about the price, a pick-up appointment can be made.

Does Duijndam Machines collect the machine from me?

It is indeed possible that we pick-up the machine at your place. During the purchasing process this will of course be mentioned. All machines have been payed for before we collect them.