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Used machines for Onions

Many machines are used for the cultivation and processing of onions. These are used to plant, harvest, grade and process onions, for example. This mechanisation is necessary to enable fast and efficient business operations. Additionally, these machines are needed to enable the necessary work to be performed within an increasingly shorter period of time. However, the purchase of these onion machines requires a substantial investment. Opting for used onion cultivation and processing machines considerably lowers your investment costs and shortens the payback time (Return on Investment). This certainly applies if you plan to start growing onions for the first time.

In non-European countries a large portion of the work needed to grow onions is still carried out by hand. This is often due to the lower cost of labour, although labour costs are rising in these parts of the world also. The use of planting, harvesting, grading and processing machines enables giant strides to be made forwards in terms of efficiency. These machines also guarantee a more consistent standard of quality.

Machines designed specifically for onions are onion seeders, onion planters, haulm toppers, onion harvesters, onion loaders, onion toppers, onion graders and packaging machines. You will find an overview of all the used machines for onions we have in stock on this page. Don't hesitate to contact one of our experts if you have any questions about any of these machines.

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