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Used machines for Beans

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  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About second-hand machines for Beans

Beans, a legume, are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprising, as these protein-rich vegetables have numerous benefits. They are indispensable in the protein transition, nourish the soil, and are good for biodiversity.

With the growing global demand for beans, the demand for bean machinery is also increasing. New machines for bean cultivation, like with other crops, are often expensive to purchase. This can be a barrier to transitioning to bean cultivation or using beans as a crop rotation. This is a pity because it is a wonderful crop with many benefits. To reduce the high initial purchase costs, many growers choose to buy their machinery second-hand. Used bean machines are not only much cheaper, but they are also readily available.

Machines are used for bean cultivation from seeding to packaging. On this page, you will find all the second-hand machines for beans that Duijndam Machines currently has in stock. If you are looking for a machine for bean cultivation, keep a close eye on our changing inventory, or subscribe to our email alerts to be the first to know about new offerings!

Seeders for beans

Beans are sown. When seeding starts depends on the specific type of bean you want to grow, the geographical location, and the type of soil. Clay soil, for example, is generally workable later than sandy soil, and field beans can be sown as early as February, while green beans are sown in April.

Whether you want to sow green beans, field beans, or kidney beans, they are all sown mechanically with a pneumatic seeder. On the page of this type of seeding machine, you can read more about the specific operation of this machine, but essentially, these seeding machines work with a vacuum and a seeding disk that sucks and plants the seeds individually. This allows for very precise seeding. The seeding disks in the pneumatic seeder are interchangeable, so the seeder can also be used for sowing other crops.

Pneumatic seeders sow in multiple rows simultaneously, often about 10 to 15 rows per pass.

Harvesters for beans

Bush beans like green beans, kidney beans, and brown beans are nowadays harvested mechanically. We don't often have such harvesters in stock, but if you are looking for a bean harvester, please contact us so we can search for one for you or assist in its acquisition.

Sorting beans with break sorting machines

After harvesting, the beans need to be sorted. Sorting based on visual characteristics is often done by hand for beans, but sorting by length can also be done by using a break sorting machine.

Break sorting machines are commonly used sorting machines for elongated products, such as beans and carrots. The operation is simple but highly effective and reliable. On the page of the break sorting machines, you can read exactly how the machine functions, but essentially, the beans must pass through spaces in the machine before reaching the exit. If the beans are smaller than the spaces you set, they will fall through, leaving you with only beans that meet your requirements.

Bean packaging machines

Once your beans are harvested and sorted, it's time to pack them properly. How your beans are packaged depends on the end-user, but often beans are packaged per portion, in a bag.

Many beans, such as green beans, are packed in plastic portion packs. These packs are made using a flow pack machine. Flow pack machines package the product in a single "flow," hence their name. For green beans, it's best to use a vertical flow pack machine. In this process, the loose beans fall from above into the packaging, which is then sealed along the vertical (short) side.

With flow pack machines, you often have the option to set a weight yourself, such as 500g, so you pack neither too many nor too few beans per pack. To check this, a checkweigher can be added to the packaging line to accurately weigh the products before they go to the buyer.


On this page, you will find an overview of all available used machines for bean cultivation. In the filter on the left side, you can filter bean machines in various ways, for example, by brand, operation, or type. On the page of a specific machine, you will find all the necessary information about the product including photos. If you are interested in any of the machines, you can easily request more information or a non-binding quotation from us. Do you want to be sure of something? Contact us by phone or come by to see the used machine for yourself at our company. You will get the best impression of the machine by seeing it for yourself. Of course, we are also happy to advise you on which used machine for beans best suits your situation.


At Duijndam Machines, we always strive to have the widest possible range of high-quality machines in stock. Usually, our stock counts around 1400 used machines. Our philosophy is that our customers can use the delivered machines for many years to come. The choice for quality begins with a critical purchasing policy. After purchase, we check the machines on various points. This is followed by thorough cleaning and any necessary repairs to the offered machine. Meanwhile, clear photos and a description are added to our website so that potential customers can orient themselves well online. When you have found a suitable machine, it can optionally be delivered worldwide to your doorstep.

Are you interested in one of our machines for bean cultivation? Then contact us and we will provide you with personal advice.