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Used Curved conveyors

If the size of your operational process is one of your primary concerns, a curved conveyor may be an ideal solution. Curved conveyors are compact conveyor belts designed to convey products around a particular angle. This angle is most often a right angle (90°), but there are also curved conveyors available to accommodate 45° of 180° turns.

Various other machines and logistics systems can be linked by straight or curved conveyor belts to make the most practical and efficient use of the available physical space. Curved conveyors are often used in sorting and processing lines for products such as flowers, fruit and vegetables. This system enables products, whether in bulk or packaged, to be transported around the bend while remaining as neatly arranged as before the bend for efficient and perfect packaging.

When buying a used curved conveyor, you must be sure that it will be suitable for your product. Smaller end rollers will ensure a more gentle transition to the next belt section, while larger ones will convey heavier crates, boxes or pallets with added power. Curved conveyors are fitted with guide plates or bearings on rails on the sides to ensure that the belt continues to rotate smoothly around both end rollers.

You will find our current offering of used curved conveyor belts below.

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