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  • Quality equipment
  • Skilled personnel
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Since 1977

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About used Mafo machines

Mafo is a Dutch manufacturer of industrial washing systems for a diversity of products such as carts, crates of all sizes, and trays. These washing machines are used in various sectors within the food processing, agricultural and horticultural industries. Mafo washing machines distinguish themselves on account of their high quality.

Mafo crate washing machines

Mafo makes several different types of crate washing machines that can be adapted to customer specifications. Apart from being used on a stand-alone basis, they can be linked to a drying system. The models and specifications of used Mafo crate washing machines can vary according to capacity, blower units, and cold or hot air dryers. The following three types of Mafo crate washing machines are the most commonly used:

Mafo 155M crate washer

This machine can wash up to 120 crates per hour. It saves water and energy because its water management system is based on recirculation. The water used to wash the crates is reused and purified using a filter.

Mafo 230M crate washer

In addition to crates, this machine can also wash EUR/EPAL pallets. This crate washing machine has a capacity of 400 items per hour and also makes use of water recirculation.

Mafo 340M crate washer

The Mafo 340M is the largest model, with a maximum capacity of 600 crates per hour. It can handle EUR/EPAL pallets as well as crates, and also makes use of water recirculation.

Do you have any questions about used Mafo washing machines? Our expert staff will be happy to assist and advise you in finding the most suitable washing machine for you.