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Stolze conveyor 350 x 45 cm
Fork for pot handling
Support / leg for conveyors
Fork for pot handling
Martin Stolze potplant conveyor transport system with adjustable speed
Fork for pot handling
Wevab conveyor for potplants 600 x 40 cm
Javo curvesupport 380 volt
Schneider curve support for potplants conveyor system

Javo conveyor with fixed speed

javo transportband (2)
javo transportband (2)
javo transportband (1)


Javo conveyor with fixed speed 150 x25 cm 380 volt Javo

Technical specifications:

Dimensions:150 cm x 25 cm (length x width)

Javo conveyor with fixed speed

Unfortunately, this Javo conveyor with fixed speed has now been sold.

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Javo conveyor with fixed speed 150 x25 cm 380 volt

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