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Used Stas fruit machines

Stas is a manufacturer of fruit grading machinery established in Glabbeek, Belgium. Stas collaborates closely with Aweta in the manufacture and design of its grading machinery, with Aweta supplying the machinery according to Stas’ specifications to ensure that they are adapted to individual varieties through the addition of peripheral equipment such as flotation dumpers, crate fillers and accumulation belts. In addition to this equipment, Stas also makes sorting machinery equipped with Ellips operating systems.

Stas water dumper

The Stas water dumper empties boxes of pears or apples in a container of water without damaging the fruit. The fruit is then conveyed on the flowing water to the sorting machine via a dryer and, in some cases, a V-belt. Stas offers various models of flotation dumpers built according to customised specifications. Stas also developed a flotation dumper for non-floating fruit such as pears.

Stas cherry graders

Stas also acts as a dealer for the Australian-based firm GP Graders, for whom it sellsprimarily cherry grading machines.

View our current offering of used Stas grading machines here.

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